General travel preparations

This is the "technical" part of the travel planning and preparation and should not be underestimated as far as their time-consumption goes.
The procedure for obtaining a Russian visa for instance should not be a major problem, as there are no specific restrictions. However, the consulates would not be Russian if everything always went smoothly. At present especially the embassy in Berlin seems to become notorious for delaying procedures.
All this means patience, patience and patience on your part, unless you know a good travel agent that does the job for you.
Apart from that, do calculate sufficient time also for necessary vaccinations. People who plan to travel for a longer time should at least make sure that their tetanus vaccination is still good and maybe think about a tick vaccination.


It has never been very easy to get a visa for Russia. For short-time stays, however, it isn't as complicated anymore. [more]

Necessary Equipment

Travelling in Siberia has it's own rules, endless loneliness and extremly low temperatures need to think about in advance. [more]

SHOP - General and hiking maps!

Our online shop offers a great variety of different maps of the Baikal region, the Altai Mountains and Kamtchatka.



Necessary Vaccinations

work in progress ... [more]

Customs regulations

Since 15th. of March is much easier to get many out of Russia. [more]

Lost or stolen your credit card?

You should immediately contact your financial institution to report the loss or theft and arrange for a replacement card [more]


There is no other way than to have an official registration if you later want to leave Russia without trouble. [more]

Necessary vaccination and ticks

Before going to Russia you should check out the validity of your vaccination (Tetanus, Diphteria, Polio and Hepatitis A). [more]


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13 Feb 2006

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