Travelling to Russia

Here you'll find everything which can be asked concerning the subject "Travelling to Siberia" - how to get there best, what are the most beautiful hiking areas and where to find a lodging in Irkutsk and your first Pelmeni...

In the last years, Russia has developed very fast. Just have a look at the counters and booths... But also things that are quite important for tourists like cafes and taxiranks, sprang up like mushrooms during the last 3 years and make travelling much easier. But this also means, that we are very thankful for every updating of our news we can get from you, because it's somehow impossible to stay on the ball when we are in Germany. We are travelling at least two times a year to Irkutsk, nevertheless we are always surprised how quick things change over there.

Concerning equipment and recommendations/suggestions for tours, please have a look at the heading "hints".


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30 Jan 2006

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