Necessary vaccination and ticks

Before going to Russia you should check out the validity of your vaccination. For adults it is generaly recommended to refresh immunisation against Tetanus, Diphteria, Polio and Hepatitis A every 10 years, no matter if you prepare any trips abroad or not.

If you plan a stay in the Siberian forests between April and October it is recommended to have yourself vaccinated against Meningitis, because in some regions of Lake Baikal the number of ticks is higher-than-average. For short-term stays further vaccination is normally not necessary. For long-term stays you should consider vaccination against Tuberculosis and Typhoid. This can be useful when you stay in the southern parts of Russia where hygiene standards are not as high as we are used to.

If you still feel unsure which vaccination is useful for which region you should ask your doctor for advice.


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16 Feb 2006

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