Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal
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photo: Wjatscheslav Petuchin

Lake Baikal - said to be the Holy Sea of the Buryats or Siberia's gem. No term and no honouring superlative can describe its real fascination. To simplify matters: it's just a beautiful, a wonderful lake.

However, this fact does not make millions of tourists travel to the Baikal. One reason might be the infrastructure which still is in a condition a Western tourist is not accustomed many ways. First thing's gravel roads instead of asphalted streets as soon as you leave the main roads, or you won't find electricity and telephon everywhere. Another reason is the Siberian climate which is in most cases neither that bad nor that extreme as presumed, but prejudices are hard to fight. Surely unintentional, the political situation in the former Soviet Union, now in Russia, also contributed to the problem.

With approx. 650 km in length and 80 km in width, Lake Baikal is one of the biggest lakes in the world and it still grows 2 cm every year. But above all, with a depth of 1637 m, Lake Baikal is the world's deepest lake and probably the only bigger lake worldwide whose water is drinkable.

For your first visit, summer is certainly the most favourable season to travel there. But on the other hand, you'll miss the beautiful flowering meadows in spring, the terrific foliage of the Siberian birch and larch in autumn and the uncertain, thrilling feeling when walking over the crystal-clear ice, of the frozen lake in winter - meters thick.

But maybe, the lake just didn't want us to come only once.

Southern Shore

Along the Transsib railway track there are some rewarding destinations for spontaneous travellers. [more]

Along the West-Coast to Olkhon Island

Along the shore from Listvyanka to Olkhon Island one interesting place follows the other. Beautiful beaches as well as impressive steep coasts or the steppes in the north attract visitors. [more]

The wild East of Lake Baikal

Svyatoi Nos, Ust Barguzin, Tankhoy, Baikalsk or Ushkani - these are some of the mysterious sounding buryatic names of points of interest along the East shore of Lake Baikal. [more]

The Northern Baikal

Also it is as easiely accessible as any other region of Lake Baikal, not many tourists find their ways with the Baikal-Amur-Railway up to the north. [more]

Touring Lake Baikal in Wintertime

In wintertime, Siberia turns into a most beautiful place - but there is plenty to bear in mind before you start your travels! [more]

Caves on the lake

A rather unknown but waste field that hasn't been discovered by foreigners so far are the underground treasuries of the region. [more]

Touring with kayaks

For adventuresome wild water canoe fans, Sibiria and the region of Lake Baikal have considerably lots of things to offer as most of the small rivers are completely natural and unspoiled. [more]

Diving in Lake Baikal

The water is turquoise and clear with a visibility up to 25 m in June... [more]

Lake Baikal by bike

Granted, the area around Lake Baikal might not be among the classical biking tours, but is definitely managable. [more]

The Baikalhymn and some more



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24 Feb 2006

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