Getting there

It doesn’t matter in what way you swirl the globe, Russia won’t grow smaller and Siberia won’t come closer. You only get a clue of the size of Siberia, if you cross it by bike, car or the Trans-Siberian railway.

This is certainly not the comfiest way of travelling, if you consider velocity as a luxury, but only in this way you will get to know and maybe understand Russia, its people and its problems. Never forget: The journey is the reward.

Getting there by train

There is no better way to approach Russia than by the Trans-Siberian Railway! [more]

Getting there by plane

It's the fastest way to go to Siberia, but be prepared for a cultural shock! [more]

Getting there by car

Even nowadays it is still considered an adventurous thing to do, and you will definitely need to bring some time. [more]

Stopover in Moscow

En route to Siberia it is always worthwile to plan a stopover in Moscow. Affordable accommodation can easily be found. [more]

Local Transport

Here you can find the bus-, train and ship timetable for your journey to Lake Baikal. [more]


There is no other way than to have an official registration if you later want to leave Russia without trouble. [more]


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18 Feb 2006

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