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Getting there by train

If you can make some more time available, consider exploring Russia by train. After three or four days on bord of the Trans-Siberian Railway you get the feeling of the enormousness of Russia. It will make you comprehend the many problems of Russia far better than when travelling by plane. Not to mention what you can actually explore on the journey: your first contacts with hearty Russians and slowly but surely you will loose your sense of time...

When journeying from Europe you won't get this feeling as much, because there are too many stops and border controls in between and the wagons are not as cosy. Besides, the acquisition of the visas of a transit visa for the Republic of Belarus is annoying and expensive.

Our recommendation: per Flight to Moscow and then take the Transsib!

Trans-Siberian Railway

For many people it is a dream to get the chance to travel in the longest train of the world and in doing so to circle about a quarter of the globe on rails. [more]


From St. Petersburg To Germany For 38 Euro!

You want to go to Russia the cheap way ? I found a possibility for less than 40 Euro... in summer 2003. It takes a while to travel, however it is interesting and it also has a bit of an adventure.[more]

St. Petersburg - Germany For 65 Euro In 39 Hours!... as experienced in summer 2003

You have not much money, but more than necessary for the 3rd class? You are scared of airplanes and ferries? Read this! [more]


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05 Feb 2008

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