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St. Petersburg - Germany For 65 Euro In 39 Hours!... as experienced in summer 2003

First Step: St. Petersburg - Vilnius

The train leaves every odd day 19:44 from Vitebski Vokzal. You are in Vilnius (the Lithuanian capital) half past the the other day. The ticket costs 710 Roubles. This equals around 20 Euro.

Second Step: Buy Tickets To Warsaw

The ticket office for international directions is in the main station. The staff is nice and multilingual. The ticket to Warsaw cost 83 Lt (around 23 Euro).

Third Step: Take The Train To Sestokai At 12:25

Not to say much more. Just sit down. 15:40 you are at your aimed place.

Fourth Step: Sestokai - Warsaw

16 something leaves your train to Warsaw. You are in Warszawa Centralna half past ten.

Fifth Step: Warsaw - Germany

There are some night connections to Germany. When I tried at New Year's Day I could not take the next direct train to Berlin. It was completely booked. This nevertheless was good, as this train is expensive. So I decided for the train at 1:42. You do not need a reservation for this one and it was nearly empty. You have to change trains in Poznan. The first ticket from Warsaw to Poznan is an inner-Polish train. So you buy the ticket at one of the national ticket counters. The next ticket from Poznan to Franfurt/Oder I bought at the international counter. They charge you 101 Zl (22 Euro) for both tickets together. You arrive in Frankfurt at 8:09. (Annotation: There are two Frankfurts in Germany. This one I talk about is the less famous near the Polish border.


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