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Though the west-coast of Lake Baikal from Listvyanka to Olkhon Island has been touristically developed, the northern parts are rarely visited by foreign travellers. In summer, southern places such as Listvyanka, Bolshiy Koti or Buchta Peshanaya are comfortably reachable from Irkutsk by raketa (hydrofoil) whereas Bolshoye Goloustnoye can be reached only across two narrow access roads.

Going on foot is, however, the most beautiful and also the easiest way to get to know the region. The difficult southern sections, especially, have been completed by GBT-volunteers so that now the trail is completely accessible. Merely some places of archaelogical interest such as the rock paintings of the Sagan Saba bay or the beautiful Aya bay are hardly to be found without the help of the locals.


Listvyanka is still the first choice for a day trip to Lake Baikal. [more]

Olkhon Island

With 72km in length and approx. 10km in width, the sunny Olkhon Island is the biggest island in Lake Baikal. [more]

Sandy Bay (Bukhta Peshanaya)

There are only few places at the shores of the Lake Baikal where swimming is really enjoyable. One of them is Sandy Bay, where the water temperatures reach 18°C. [more]

Bol. Goloustnoye

Easily to reach via a gravel road from Irkutsk.. [more]

Tasheran steppe

... [more]


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22 Jul 2006

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