Southern Shore

The southern part of Lake Baikal became important since the Transsiberian railway was opened, leading along the valleys of the rivers Irkut and Olcha. The construction of this track was extremely cost- and work intensive. However, it had become necessary after the Irkutsk hydroelectric power station had been completed and the old railway track via Port Baikal had become flooded by its water reservoir.

The Transsib railway track connects several important towns. Baikalsk is a well known place among them because of its infamous cellulose power station and also the small miner’s town Slyudyanka. The big marble quarries are not far away and can be seen already from a long distance.

However, more worth visiting are the smaller towns, such as Kultuk or Angasolka. Kultuk is situated at the junction of the road that leads to the Eastern Sayan whereas Angasolka lies next to the old Transsib railway track.


Kultuk itself is a "typical" village at Lake Baikal, which has not been touched by the Soviet industrialisation [more]

Old Baikal Railway

An excursion to the old Transsib route between Kultuk and Port Baikal is maybe the best option for a day trip [more]

By special train from Irkutsk to Port Baikal

About a more nerve-racking 2day-trip from Irkutsk to the Lake Baikal – from Franziska Mischek [more]

Bol. Goloustnoye

Easily to reach via a gravel road from Irkutsk.. [more]


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30 Jan 2006

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