Old Baikal Railway

An excursion to the old Transsib route between Kultuk and Port Baikal is maybe the best option for a day trip, as this tour gives the opportunity for a short hiking trip- outside of localities – on the shore of Lake Baikal.

We highly recommend to go once with the suburbtrains, the so-called elektritshka, to Andrianovskaya or to Angasolka, if walks only over short distance are preferred.

From the train station in Andrianovskaya (Attention, no platform!) a small pathway leads into a valley, extending along the railway road. After a few minutes you will recognize a small stream, which you have to follow for about 4km till you reach the small village of Angasolka. Angasolka is already directly situated at the old Transsib route and therewith at Lake Baikal. A small Russian turbasa (a simple hotel with shared rooms) offers a place to stay over night.

From here the trail is guiding you another 4km further along the shore of Lake Baikal. Although it might be a little challenging sometimes to walk on the old rails, it is the best way to understand, why this part of the old Transsib route, was the most expensive one. A variety of tunnels, bridges and viaducts accompany you on your way to Kultuk. In any case you should be careful, because this route is still in use, but normally only once in the morning respectively in the evening.

Depending on personal preference three options are offered to go back from Kultuk to Irkutsk: either by bus, by marshrutka or by elektritshka. Admittedly it has to be pointed out that the railway station of Kultuk is hard to find, but close to the local cemetery. Alternatively it is of course possible to go on foot to Sludyanka, but the trail we only recommend to use this way during winter time, when the lake is frozen.

When getting off the train in Angasolka, a trail leads through the entire village down into the valley. From here a steep and muddy - at least in the beginning – path leads up to the rails of Transsib (Attention! This route is highly frequented by trains) and further to the crest, where Lake Baikal and the village Kultuk are already visible.


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30 Jan 2006

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