Visa regulations

It has never been very easy to get a visa for Russia. For short-time stays, however, it isn't as complicated anymore:

For stays up to 30 days, you will need a Tourist Visa. To obtain one, you have to present a completed Visa application form, a passport photograph, an insurance certificate, evidence of your income and a valid passport to your local Russian Embassy. Actually, as a tourist you will also need a tourist confirmation from a Russian travel agency or a hotel and a voucher. Getrussianvisa for example offers visa invitations within 24h for about 25 Euro. If you feel unsure about all these documents we urgently recommend you to ask a travel agency for help which often deals with Russian travel regulations.

For stays up to 90 days, you will also need an OVIR-permission. If you have friends or relatives in Russia they can obtain such an Izveshchenie from local authorities (OVIR) and send it to you. It might be necessary that a copy of your passport is at hand.

If you plan to stay in Russia for an even longer period you will have to apply for a Business Visa. For further advice, contact your local Russian Embassy.

With all the application you should consider that the processing period might last several weeks. Therefore, it is advisable to apply early enough. You can also check the website of the Russian Embassy in your country to get further information.

Further information can be found at the following sites:

Eye Vista Travel

Online application for an invitation

Apart from the regular documents you need an invitation/tourist voucher to apply for a russian visa and you can get this documents here online withhin 24h.[more]

Russian Embassies

Embassies and Consulates of the Russian Federation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland [more]

Foreign Consulates

in Russia [more]

Application forms

Everything changes but burocracy... [more]

Passport gone - What to do?

Let me warn you right at the beginning - the loss of your passport is about the worst that can happen to you in Russia. [more]


Chinese Embassies and Consulates [more]

Mongolian Embassies

Embassies and Consulates of Mongolia [more]


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