Ust Barguzin

Ust Barguzin at the eastern shore of lake Baikal is the proverbial "end of the world". The timber settlement with its dustroads (except for the main street named "Lenina") does not have anything to offer except for the mandatory local history museum (uliza Oshemika), which you must have seen elsewhere in Russia before.

Nevertheless, a hike to the administration of the Zabaikalskij national park on the "Pjere Urog Bolnitschnij" road may be worth the while, If you need a cosy, (not cheap) accommodation with a Banja, or if you want to participate in an organized ship tour around Swjatoi Nos and/or to the Ushkani islands or simply some transportation facility to the peninsula. The latter at disproportionately high 700 roubles per minibus and trip can only be recommended if you find more passengers to divide the price. Those who would like to travel independently of the national park administration, can firstly find some cheaper lodging: in principle each little house in the place is a potential hostel. Just speak to someone on the road or in the shops. Then place yourself at the Barguzin ferry in old hitch-hiker´s manner and be ready to pay a little fee to your driver. For example, to Kurbulik approximate 50 roubles p. P. or some "license Wodka".

Generally it is advisable for your further route planning to do your last grocery shopping in this village of about 10.000 people. On Swjatoi Nos, besides the baker's shop in Kurbulik (note: not recognizeable as such by the beach, ask your way through!) there is only one small store in the fisher village that orders sugar, cheese, sausage, toilet paper on demand from the mainland.So you may get supplies there, but you may not, too. There are small-corner-shops named "B.A.M" or "Tschaika" (sea gull) to supply you with all necessary things on the way to the Ust Barguzin ferry on the street named Uliza Lenina.


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30 Jan 2006

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