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Where to stay - West coast

Best known is for sure the island of Olchon, but on the way there you can also find accommodation that is especially interesting for bikers. But a hike from Buguldeika along the cliff line through the Tasheransky veld to MRS Sachyurta is enjoyable.

Olkhon - Places to stay

You visited Olkhon - have you been at Nikita's?! This question you can hear quite often in the Baikal area. [more]

Where to stay - Buguldeika

The town may be unknown to many travellers. However, it lends itself to cyclists and hikers as starting point of very attractive tours along the Lake Baikal. [more]

Where to stay - Ust-Ordinsk

Relatively unknown place with an interesting museum of local history. Situated on the way to Olkhon Island. [more]


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16 Feb 2006

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