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Places to Stay - Olkhon

Olkhon Island has always been a frequently visited destination, and yet there are hardly any facilities for staying overnight and not even one real hotel. As everywhere else in Russia, however; you will always find a place for the night - very cheap in one of the private houses or at Nikita’s Homestay.


Nikitas Homestay
666 137 Irkutsk Oblast
Rajon Olkhon
Uliza Kirpichnaja 8

Seit über 10 Jahren nehmen Nikita und Natallja Bentscharov Gäste auf. Nikita hat früher noch in der Schule gearbeitet und von Zeit zu Zeit Touristen in seinem Haus aufgenommen. Seine freundliche und interessierte Art sprachen sich herum und die meisten Touristen wunderten sich, warum Nikita eigentlich kein Geld verlangt. Irgendwann hat er es dann doch getan, dem Touristenstrom tat es keinen Abbruch und seit einigen Jahren "brummt" das Geschäft. Seit mehreren Jahren erweitert Nikita sein kleines Reich massiv, baut neue Hütten, bietet selbst Touren an und organisiert Autos, Busse oder auch Boote. Seine freundliche und interessierte Art ist aber geblieben und jedes Jahr fügt Nikita einige schöne, gemütliche Details hinzu. Er ist aber auch für sein Engagement für ein "sauberes Olchon" bekannt, sammelt selbst Müll, organisiert Kinderfreizeiten und unterstützt das wirklich sehenswerte Museum der Insel. Nikita lernt gerade Englisch, sein Mitarbeiter Grigory spricht sehr gut Deutsch.

- Es gibt ca. 40 Betten, in 1-, 2- oder Mehrbettzimmern, kleinen Hütten und in Jurten in allen Ausstattungsvarianten. Manche Hütten haben eine eigene Trockentoilette, ansonsten hilft nur der Weg über den Hof zum "Plumpsklo".

- Duschen wird ebenfalls zum Erlebnis: Mit den Füßen betätigt man die Pumpe und hat somit bei entsprechender Koordinationsfähigkeit freie Hand. - Strom gibt es nur, solange der Generator läuft.
- Banja, Fahrradvermietung (im Winter mit Spikes), Abenteuerspielplatz für Kinder
Im Preis ist Vollverpflegung enthalten. Unbedingt probieren sollte man die burjatischen Pozy, eine Art Pelmeni mit Fleischfüllung.
Nikita and Natallya Bentcharov offer accomodation for tourists since more than 10 years. In the beginning, Nikita was still working at school His friendly and open manner became known and most tourists wondered why Nikita did not demand money. At some point he did start to take money, which in no way affected the number of tourists and for several years now business has been booming. Nikita has been expanding his small empire massively during the last years, building new cottages, offering personally guided tours, organising cars, busses, and even boats. However, his friendly and open manner has not changed and every year Nikita adds several nice and comfortable details. He is known for his commitment for a "clean Olkhon", personally gathers rubbish, organises camps for children and supports the island’s museum, which is definitely worth visiting. At the present, Nikita is learning English but his assistants speak English well.

- there are about 40 beds, in single, double or shared rooms, small cottages and in mongolian yurts with a great variety of furnishing/facilities, all at the fixed price of 15 US$. Some cottages have an own dry toilet, otherwise you must cross the courtyard to the outhouse. A very rich and delicious breakfast is included, along with a dinner. Worth trying is the burjat posi, a type of pelmeni stuffed with meat.

- showers are also an experience: with your feet you handle the pump and so, with the necessary skill, your hands will be free. – electricity is available only as long as the generator is in operation.
- Banja, (a Russian bath), bicycle rental (with spikes during winter), adventure playground for children
Prices (per person):
Double room category B: 1100 roubles
Double room category A: 1350 roubles
Yurt: 1050 roubles

- hint: When renting "a car with driver" on Olkhon you should always give the driver a small tip, 100-150 Rbl. are sufficient.

open year-round

Galinas Hostel
666 137 Irkutsk Oblast, Rajon Olkhon, Khuzir, Uliza Woroschilowa 3, Valerij und Galina Nehberg

If you prefer a more personal atmosphere you are in the right place at Valerij and Galina’s. Due to their warmth you will feel at home from the first moment on. Host Valerij and his son Alexander are fishermen, daughter Anja has been learning English for one year and would like to go to London as an au-pair girl after graduation. Galina works as a nurse at the local hospital. During summer she takes some time off and takes care of her guests.
accommodation: Guests are put up in a wooden house, which Valerij and Galina recently built next to their own. There are five four-bed rooms. A large garden is at the guest’s disposal, ideally suited for evenings at the campfire. You should not miss the opportunity of grilling fresh omul, readily supplied by Valerij, by the fire.
The price for one night is 450 roubles. Included are three meals. Usually these consist of all kinds of variations of fish, which you will rarely get this fresh. Other dishes are also served, products from the own vegetable garden, own slaughtering, all deliciously prepared by Galina.

There are no showers, but it is possible to use the banja on request. The typical outhouse is located in the garden. There is a water dispenser outside for the morning toilet … and, of course, the Lake Baikal is only five minutes away by foot and you can take a refreshing bath there.
Season: year-round
Valerij and Alexander will arrange different tours as well as transfers back to Irkutsk. Their new all-wheel vehicle takes you everywhere on the island. The price is arranged on location, depending on duration and number of participants.
Reservation: reservations must be made in written form as there is no telephone (allow three weeks of delivery each way!). You may write in German, English or Russian.

Mini-hotel Baikal

Small hotel with 3 floors and 18 rooms. The restaurant offers russian and burjat meals.

Island Olkhon
ul. Solnetshnaya 14

Double room standard: 2200 roubles
3-bed-room standard: 2600 roubles
Double room higher comfort: 2600 roubles

Breakfast included. Extra beds can be ordered for 600 roubles a day.

Guesthouse U Ljuby

Ljuba`s guesthouse is a small holiday camp consisting of 3 houses with 6 rooms altogether. 2-, 3- and 4-bed rooms and a family room are available.

Island Olkhon
ul. Matrosova 18

from 1700 roubles

Breakfast and supper are included.

Holiday camp Darjana

The camp was renovated in 2011 and offers accomodation for 2-4 pepole in one of 14 wooden buildings, 3 of them with two floors. 22 rooms are for rent. The staff offers excursions in the environment.

Island Olkhon
ul. Obrutsheva 12

Double room: 1600 roubles
3-bed-room: 2400 roubles
4-bed-room: 3200 roubles
Double room "Prima": 2400 roubles
Double room luxury: 3800 roubles

Half bard is included.

Holiday camp Nabajmar

3 guesthouses for 21, 27 and 24 guests. Only the rooms in the third one for 24 guests have shower/toilet, all other guests have to share shower and toilets in the court or to wash in the banja. Furthermore, there are 3 mongolian tents for 5 people.

Insel Olkhon
ul. Pervomayskaya 18

Mongolian tent (5 people): 2500 roubles
Double room standard: 1100 roubles
3-bed-room standard: 1650 roubles
4-bed-room standard: 2200 roubles
5-bed-room standard: 2700 roubles
Double room in guesthouse III (with shower/toilet): 2700 roubles

Prices without breakfast.

Holiday camp Aldartaj

30 guests can be accomodated in the holiday camp Aldartaj. All rooms without shower or bathroom, but there is a toilet and a warm shower in the court. 20 minutes to the sand beach.

Island Olkhon
ul. Bajkalskaya 59-1

Single room: 450 roubles
Double room: 800 roubles
4-bed-room: 1600 roubles
Summer hut (2 persons): 900 roubles

Prices without breakfast.

Olchonskie Terema

One more holiday camp with 10 wooden houses and 31 rooms.

Island Olkhon
ul. Taezhnaya 25

from 1000 roubles

Family hotel Otdych na Bajkale

Small private holiday camp at the entrance of Chuzhir. There are 5 wooden buildings with veranda and 11 rooms altogether. Accomodation in 2- or 3-bed-rooms. The staff offers excursions, boat trips and massages and there is a small video collection with videos about Lake Bajkal.

Island Olkhon
ul. Gorkogo 3

from 1340 roubles

Holiday camp Lada

2 guesthouses from the year 2004. There are 2- and 3-bed-rooms of different categories: Standard, Luxury (with separate shower cabin) and economy. The economy rooms are available only during the summer time. 20 minutes to the famous shaman stone.

Island Olkhon
ul. Taezhnaya 30

Economy: 300 roubles per person
Standard: 750 roubles per person
Luxury (3 person maximum): 3000 roubles

No breakfast included.

Holiday camp Olkhonskij Dvorik

The camp can accomodate up to 60 guests. There are 4 main buildings and 19 separate wooden huts (15 for 2 and 4 for 3 person). Banja (200 roubles/h/person) and a shower cabin (50 roubles) can be ordered.

Island Olkhon
ul. Voroshilova 11

Prices (per person):
Main building: 850 roubles
Wooden hut: 750 roubles

No meals included.

Holiday camp U Svetlany

Svetlana`s holiday camp offers accomodation in 2-, 3- or 4-bed-rooms. You can spend the night in the main building or in one of the wooden houses. The washrooms have to be shared.

Island Olkhon

Double room: 1900 roubles
3-bed-room: 2850 roubles
4-bed-room: 3800 roubles
Wooden house (2 person): 1900 roubles

Half board is included.

Holiday camp Solnetshnaya

The holiday camp Solnetschnaya exists since 2000. Guests are accomodated in wooden huts for 2, 3 or 4 people. Washing is possible in the banja or (during the summer time) in one of the shower cabins in the court.

Insel Olkhon
ul. Solnetshnaya 14

Prices (per person):
Double/3-bed-room attic: 850 roubles
Double/3-bed room with separate entrance: 1050 roubles
Wooden hut for 2 person: 1050 roubles
Wooden hut for 4 person: 950 roubles
Double/3-bed-room with "biological" toilet: 1150 roubles

Full board is included for all prices.

Hotel Gemschugina

This facility consists of a newly built wooden house and further eight smaller wooden houses for 2-3 guests in Khuzir. There are 32 beds in total, restrooms are shared.

Prices: from 600 roubles, breakfast and lunch inclusive
dinner starts at 50 roubles
Sauna (banja) is 60 roubles per person per hour

Jurt camp Fun

For those wanting to stay in a Mongolian yurt, this place is ideal, despite the fact that it is rather designed for young tourists on an adventure holiday. Jeep- and boat-tours are offered among other things. Altogether there are eight yurts which sleep 4 persons each. The yurts are completely equipped, with beds, a small stove and electrical light. The site has a restaurant, toilets, two showers and the obligatory banya.

Prices from 450 roubles and include 3 meals.

phone: 03952 - 202 600/ 202 601
fax: 03952 - 255 312
Season: May - September

Jurt camp Harmony

The Harmony Camp is probably the island’s best "hotel". Altogether there are ten Mongolian yurts, each with two beds, a stove, a small table and electric light. The site also has a restaurant, toilets, two showers and the obligatory banya.

Prices start at 1000 Rubel and include 3 meals

phone: 03952 - 202 600/ 202 601
fax: 03952 - 255 312
Season: May - September

666 137 Irkutsk Oblast, Rajon Olchon, Ussuri

The small village of Ussuri was founded in connection with the erection of the metereological station by the Russian Academy of Science. A small holiday apartment has been set up recently, with two rooms for three guests each, a small kitchen with washing facilities. The rooms are nicely furnished, the old beds and mattresses being the sole fault. In exchange the pricing is very simple: 100 roubles per night. Using the banja, if desired, also costs 100 roubles, as does the delicious full board. You should have the way to toilets explained on location and preferably before it gets dark.

Booking: There is no telephone in Ussuri, and thus reservations can only be made through Nikita.


Generally, camping is possible anywhere on Olkhon, in some places especially rewarding. However, you should always bear in mind that you are in a national park. Due to the extremely dry climate it is of utmost importantance to observe following rules:
- camping fires must be attended at all times
- only dead trees or driftwood is to be used for fires
- burning cigarettes must never be thrown away, cigarettes in general should never be discarded in the countryside
- rubbish, vodka bottles etc. should not be disposed of in nature!!!

During summer the coves along the Small Sea "Moloe Morie" are heavily frequented and if you want to enjoy nature, you should visit the east coast or perhaps even drive further to the northern part of the island.


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