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Where to stay - southern shore

The easily reachable south of Lake Baikal offers sandy beaches, lonely bays, deep forests and mountain tops of 2000 metres. Some of the most famous places of Lake Baikal are situated here, like for example Listvyanka, Port Baikal and Kultuk along the old transsiberian line section. There is Sludyanka as the only stop at the lake for many tourists travelling through Siberia and as starting point for walking-tours to the nearby Khamar Daban Mountains as well as Baikalsk that is famous for the local paper mill and its ski trails. Tankhoy is said to be the gate to Baikalski reservation.

Unfortunately, there is no accommodation facility in Sludyanka and you can find only few along the old transsiberian line section between Kultuk and Port Baikal that are cheap and can be booked beforehand. So if you want to walk along the south bank you should have your own tent with you.

  W E S T C O A S T

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There are a few "official" places to stay in Listvyanka both low budget and expensive accommodation and every year new places establish here.. [more]

Where to stay - Tankhoy

Tankhoy does not only provide one of the best hostels at Lake Baikal, but is also the ideal starting point for hikes in the Khamar Daban Mountains. [more]

Where to stay - Sludyanka

A great starting point for tours to the Sayan mountains and the Khamar daban mountains.[more]

Where to stay - Baikalsk

There are plenty of places to stay even if the hotels are rather attuned to Russians. [more]

Where to stay - Sandy bay

Camping is of course the easiest and cheapest way - just spreading out the sleeping bag and enjoying the beautiful night sky. [more]

Where to stay - Utulik

Utulik is located between Baikalsk and Sludyanka and is an ideal starting point for trips into the nearby Khamar Daban Mountains. [more]

Accomodation in Bolschoi Goloustnoje

As in the other villages around the lake, each house is a potential place to stay. There are also a few more or less official hostels. [more]

Places to Stay - Old Transsiberian

Tourism is just about to start in this area, however, some places to stay can already be found. [more]


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16 Feb 2006

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