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Accomodation in Bolschoe Goloustnoye

As in the other villages around the lake, each house is a potential place to stay. There are also a few more or less official hostels:

Most widely known is the one run by Ludmila Sigajewa and her husband. They rent out four beds in their parents' old cossack house. Of course there is a banja as well, that they're glad to heat up for you. The meals, tasty and opulent, are taken with the family in the main house.

Pension Ludmila Sigajewa
664515 Russia
Irkutskkaja Oblast
pos. Bolyia Goloustnoje
Ul. Sverdlowa 36

Price list:
Accomodation 7,00 USD
Banja 5,00 USD
Dinner 4,00 USD
Breakfast 3,00 USD

Bajkalskaja Usadba

Wooden house with 6 rooms on the edge of the village. Opened in 2010.
ul. Kirova 128
Bolschoe Goloustnoe

Prices (per room):
Double room: 1000 roubles
4-bed-room: 2000 roubles

Prices without breakfast.

Camping Russkoe podvorje

The camping is situated directly at the lake. Accomodation in wooden houses with rooms for 2 or 4 people. No meals offered, but it`s allowed to cook.
ul. Kirova 26
Bolschoe Goloustnoe

Prices (per room):
Double room: 1000 roubles
4-bed-room: 2000 roubles

Prices without breakfast.

Holiday camp U Morja

Holiday camp from 2008 with 4 wooden buildings (each for 4 people) without toilet and one guesthouse for up to 6 people with toilet.
ul. Novaya 45
Bolschoe Goloustnoe

Wooden building (4 persons): 2500 roubles
Guesthouse (up to 6 persons): 5000 roubles

Prices without breakfast.

Holiday camp Baikal Home

Another camp which offers wooden houses next to a guesthouse.
ul. Sverdlova 6
Bolschoe Goloustnoe

Prices (per person):
Guesthouse: 940 roubles
Wooden house: 765 roubles

Breakfast is not included.

Guesthouse Usadba Ohotnika

The accomodation is called "hunter`s home" and offers earthy atmosphere and a higher level of comfort with chimney, electricity and showers in each room. The whole building can be rent.
ul. Kirova 110
Bolschoe Goloustnoe

Guesthouse (up to 10 persons): 10000 Roubles
Single person: 1850 roubles

For a single person full board is included.

Well-known is Hank Birnbaum, an American, who also runs a small bed'n breakfast. He speaks English perfectly (obviously) and can help you with advice and useful information.

A bit outside the village there is a yurt camp and a small cabin village.


A yurt, respectively tent, camp is outside the village. The yurts have wooden floors and for the night you can chose between sleeping bags (250 roubles per person) or matresses with sheets (430 roubles per person). This place is mostly used by Russians and full board available. Three meals amount to 250 roubles, four cost 320 roubles.


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