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Where to stay - Utulik

Utulik is not only an ideal starting point for trips to the Khamar Daban Mountains (Mount Poroshisty 2025 m) but also to Sludyanka or to the warm lakes close to Vydrino. You can easily reach Utulik either by elektrichka from Sludyanka or Ulan-Ude or by marshrutka from Irkutsk.

Camp Baikal

The holiday park is runned by Ama Tours which has a German management and offers small framehouses in different price levels. Each entrance has 2 rooms with 2 - 5 beds. Not far from the park there are 2 bars, a sports field as well as a boat rental.

ul. Karla Marxa 30
office #34
664011 Irkutsk
Phone: +7 3952 203075
Fax: +7 3952 202073

Wooden house: 2400 roubles
Double room: 2000 roubles
3-bed-room: 3000 roubles
4-bed-room: 4000 roules
Cottage (max. 5 people): 5000 roubles

Hotel Vershina

The hotel was constructed in 2009. 10 rooms for 22 guests, up to 34 people can be accomodated with extra beds. Good critics on the web.

per. Kedrovyj 4
Tel: +7(3952) 71-0408
Email: E-mail:

Double room Standard: 2400 roubles
Double room half luxury: 2800-3200 roubles
Luxury: 5000 roubles

Half board (breakfast and supper) included - extra beds can be ordered for 800 roubles a day.


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28 Oct 2011

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