Eating like at mommy's

Essen wie bei Muttern
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Hidden in a small framehouse on Ulitza Marata there's the skimpiest restaurant of Irkutsk. No sign indicates that you can eat the most delicious Pierogi, the nuttiest Bortsch and the whole other delectabilities of Russian cuisine in there. The small restaurant is opened just around noonday or respectively until the pots are empty. From 11 AM on the first guests are welcome and not later than half past 2 PM it's already closing-time again. Unfortunately there are only three small tables, but you can eat your Pierogi on the street or at home as well.

The cooking is done by three Russian women and according to a private home-recipe, exactly like it's done in households in Siberia. The Pelmeni and Pierogi are freshly made and new soup is being cooked every day. Per season or depending on what fresh groceries are available the menu changes daily, or the goodies are there for a few days. Therefor they are always equally tasty and already the next day you inevitably want to drop in again!

Eating like at mommy's
ul. Marata 23

The small and old framehouse is situated straight alongside hotel Rus and the entrance is located on the hotel-facing side. The entrance door is bordered in green but beside that, nothing, except maybe the tasty fragrance, indicates the existance of a restaurant! And incidentally the food is really cheap!


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26 Jun 2006

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