Where to stay - Tankhoy

The reserve's direction directs a guest house in Tankhoy as well as several centres of information at the trail-starts which can be used by tourists as overnight stays. There are also some ordinary wooden cottages along the trail. Additional details are coming soon.


Having arrived at the railway station you can reach the guesthouse of the reserve just within a walking distance of 5 minutes. Just following the street behind the train station uphill and turning right at the crossways. After a few minutes you can see the guest house on the right side.

It offers a shared room with bunk beds, two triple rooms and a double room with shower stalls. Unfortunately, we were told during our stay: "tualet rabotajet, dusch njet". However, there are a working shower and two flush lavatories outside the room.

The fees come to 200, 300 and 800 R per guest and night.
The kitchen is for staff only but you can order tea or snacks. The lobby has a TV set with a collection of (russian) videos and there is even a terrace to find.

It seems that the staff has to get a little more enthusiastic associating with tourists but the rooms are neat and nice. There was no cause to complain about something. Plus, this guest house is the only acceptable and affordable hostel on the southern east bank, except for some expensive hotels in Baikalsk.

Booking by e-mail at or by phone: +7 914 877 43 93.


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24 Feb 2006

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