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Where to stay - Severobaikalsk

A few years ago there was no touristic infrastructure in Severobaikalsk apart from a few accommodations for railway passengers. But this has changed in recent years as the northern Baikal is now easy to access with the Baikal Amur railway line and the fascinating landscape well worth a journey.

For longer tours we recommend taking a tent with you in any case as accomodation is rare except for a few health resorts in the environment of the hot springs in Baikalskoe or Chakussy.

The only alternative are often small fishermen houses. Though not always very clean and spacious, they are dry and often have an oven. If no one lives in there at that moment using them is no problem!

Tajozhik - Hostel of the school for hiking and environmental consciousness

This hostel is the most famous and cheapest in town. The affiliated school coordinates the construction of the Great Baikal Trail north of the Lake and is the most important reference for voluntary construction helpers from all around the world. The hostel has 3 en suite dormitories with each 6 to 8 beds, a communal kitchen and offer their own tours into the environment. The staff can help you book or organise your own trips. Owners and staff speak English!

per. Schkolny 11
phone: +7-30139-20 323
fax: +7-30139-21 513

Dormitory from 250 roubles

Booking: :

Baikal Resort - Dom u Baikala

This guesthouse in a wooden house might be the best in town and offers several very comfortable rooms. Some small wooden houses for two persons are let during the summer months in the patio.

per. Neptunskij 5

Guesthouse: 700-850 roubles
Wooden houses: 660 roubles

Baikal Service

Baikal Service is a quite large company offering tours in Severobaikalsk that rents some small, fully equipped holiday homes with a small kitchen, common room and a bathroom for 3 people as well as a small hotel (3 rooms with 2 to 4 beds each) and a so called student hostel with 2 double rooms. It is situated 20 minutes from the Severobaikalsk town centre and also has a little café with lunch and dinner menu and of course a sauna for 6 people and one swimming pool.

Viktor and Schenja will gladly help you book tours into the environment. They even have their own minibus as well as a boat for crossings to the East Coast.

ul. Promyschlennaja 18
phone: +7-30139-23 912, 32 473
fax: +7-30139-22 644

Cottage (3 people): 2800 roubles
Double room in the hotel: 1900 roubles
Family room in the hotel: 1800 roubles
Student hostel (4 people): 2200 roubles

Breakfast is included only for the rooms in the hotel.

Railway station hotel Podlemorje

Very close to the train station, the hotel offers 40 beds in total, an indoor swimming pool, Banja and fitness room.

Prospekt 60let CCCP 21A
phone: +7-30139-3571, 3873

Prices (per person):
Single room: 450 roubles
Double room: 360 roubles
3-bed-room: 310 roubles
4-bed-room: 270 roubles
5-bed-room: 200 roubles
Single room luxury: 700 roubles
Double room luxury: 450 roubles

Hotel Santa Barbara

Very classy, but small and quite expensive hotel run by the railway company. There are only two 2 bed suites.

per. Neptunskij 1

Double room: 1200 roubles

Hotel Olimp

The hotel opened in 2009 and offers 18 rooms for up to 42 guests. 10 minutes by foot to the lake. Diving, fishing, hunting and excursions to the mountains can be organized.

ul. Poligrafistov 2 b/1

Single room: 2000 roubles
Double room standard: 2000 - 2200 roubles
Double room half luxury: 2500 roubles

Breakfast not included.

Hotel Zolotaja Rybka

The holiday camp offers wooden houses for up to 6 people and one luxury suite for 2 people.

ul. Sibirskaja 14

from 550 roubles p. p.

Hotel Chozjain

The holiday camp is situated a little bit outside of the city, next to the spring "Goudzhekit". For booking it`s obligatory to book full board (three meals/day for 400 roubles/day) as well. There are 26 rooms with and 22 rooms without toilet.

Spring Goudzhekit

200 - 400 roubles p. p.


Situated at the port, the yacht club "Belyj Parus" rents some small holiday homes (en suite from 400 roubles per room, with outside toilet from 300 roubles per room).

Private accomodation is offered in various categories, prices are from about 200 rouble per person. The best is if you talk to some local people.


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