Buying Tickets

The purchase of Transsib tickets has become remarkably easier during the past years. In Germany and Europe, there are the first vendors who were able to conclude contracts on ticket sale with the Russian Railway, and in Russia, times have long gone by when foreigners had to pay special prices.

Since fall 2003, the Russian Railway has introduced a new price system. Now, prices vary during the seasons depending on a certain price coefficient. During July / August, this extra charge can be up to 35% of the regular ticket price; in December, however, you can save up to 35%. In total, there are 12 time zones.

As usual, you need your passport to buy tickets since they are only issued personalized. By this, it is attempted to limit black marketing of tickets. Within Russia it is not possible to buy a reservation without buying a train ticket! So if you plan a overnight trip please make sure to buy your reservation (hard sleeper 0 "Platzkartnui" or soft sleeper = "Coupe") together with your ticket. Reservations can be made 45 days in advance!!!

Buying Tickets in Russia

The cheapest way has been the purchase of the tickets in Russia. It is still true for individual travellers but for small groups or if you plan a return trip the "Sparpreis" offered by Deutsche Bahn oder the City Star Tickets offerd by Slowakia Railways are during peak seasons much cheaper then official prices in Russia. Groups should buy tickets their tickets defintly before they travel to Russia, especially not during the summer months or shortly before Christmas.

Buying Tickets in Germany

In Germany, travel agencies that have specialized in many aspects on Russia are offering Transsib tickets by now. However, only few of them are indeed authorized by the Russian Railway to sell tickets. We can recommend the BUND Naturschutz Service GmbH, that has been offering their own travels per rail to Lake Baikal for years. It is also worth asking for group discounts, since the actual costs are noticeably lower when issuing several tickets at once.

BUND Naturschutz Service GmbH
Spitalstraße 21
91207 Lauf a.d.Peg

phone: +49(0)9123-9995710

An alternative can be found in the Deutsche Bahn, (German Railways), who not only include the complete Russian route schedule in their system but who also issue tickets. Especially interesting is the "Sparpreis" for Russia which indeed is valid for the Transsib as well and a great offer if you travel in a small group!!

Buying tickets via Germany

Some travel agencies or several online vendors respectively also offer to purchase or reserve tickets for a basic fee. Then you either have to pick up your tickets in Moscow or you will receive it through an agent at the train station shortly before the departure time.

So far, we have had pleasant experiences (especially in groups) with this system. In Russia or on the Internet respectively, this service is offered for example by


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05 Feb 2008

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