Getting there and away by ship

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photo: Genadi Giebler

Irkutsk - Listvyanka

The most attractive tour for all without much time. [more]

Listvyanka - Irkutsk - Listvyanka

via Port Baikal [more]

Irkutsk - Bolshije Koty- Irkutsk

via Listvyanka [more]

Irkutsk - Bratsk

It's a nearly 13h trip by ship from Irkutsk to Bratsk. [more]

Irkutsk - Nishneangarsk

The hydrofoil between Irkutsk and Nishneangarsk meanwhile also stopps at Olkhon. [more]

Irkutsk - Olkhon Island

There ist one additional service to Olkhon on Thursday. [more]

Irkutsk - Bay of Suraya - Irkutsk

via Bay of Peshanaya [more]

Irkutsk - Mys Tolstoy - Irkutsk

via Bolshie Koty [more]


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15 Apr 2007

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