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National Parks on Lake Baikal

Nearly the whole territory around Lake Baikal is protected as a national park. Only few people know about it and even less is known about the several national parks and nature reserves. Until now, national parks are operating quite unrecognised which means that there is a lack of informative literature or websites. Despite a fascinating landscape, a unique flora and fauna, and the huge Siberian vastness the national parks are not mentioned yet in the same breath as those of Canada, New Zealand, or the USA.

Many regions are well worth seeing and they are often easily accessible. There are only few regions which are almost inaccessible. In those so-called Zapovedniks visitors are only allowed to enter under the guidance of a ranger. Since there are bears living in the forests, rangers do not only protect the nature against tourists but the tourists against the wildlife. This service is still quite cheap.

Zabaikalsky National Park


Baikal-Lena National Park


Pribaikalsky National Park


Tunkinsky National Park


Baikalsky Reserve


Barguzinsky Reserve


Dsherginsky Reserve







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10 Apr 2006

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