Culinary delights

In principle all kinds of groceries are available by now, at least in bigger cities. Starting with tropical fruits over endless meat counters and westerly deep-frozen pizzas. Of course imports cost at least as much as they do here and are therefore pure luxury for normal Russians. They will predominantly eat bread, potatoes, cabbage and the well-known and omnipresent pellmeni. Another thing is that people from Siberia are anxious to get as many calories as possible by consuming bacon, sardines, dried fruits, sugared condensed milk and various candies (konfettui) which is comprehensible in this special climate.
In other respects it is worthwhile to search the markets for native delicacies and to watch the busy business. Particularly I would like to recommend to visit counters for honey, dried fruits and smoked fish. And the best is: everywhere you go they will ask you to try their goods!


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13 Mar 2006

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