Geography of western Sibiria

West Siberia comprises the area between Ural Mountain Range and Yenissei River, and it consists of basically nothing else than Siberian Lowlands. The strong rivers Ob, Irtysh, and Tobol, are alle running through this region where also various swamps can be found. The lowlands are just a little more than 200m above sea-level; and there are no high elevations.
The great Vasyugan Plain in the center of West Siberia is slowly giving way to the Baraba Steppe, followed by the Altai foreland farther south. Major cities are Surgut, Tjumen, Omsk, Petropavlovsk, Barabinsk, and Novosibirsk.
In today's West Siberia, there are living approximately 13.5 mio people on an area of about 2.5 mio km². Among the most important industry sectors are the vast petroleum pumping areas in the Tiumen Oblast, the coal-mining industry (particularly important in the Kuznez Basin), and the lumber and forest industries.


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30 Jan 2006

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