Bolshie Koty

This small village, surrounded by a picturesque landscape, was founded as a gold-digger's settlement in the 19th century. Only in summer it can be reached without any problems by a hydrophil (raketa) from Irkutsk or from Listwijanka. Beside a visit to the village museum (ul. Baikalska 17), which comprises more than 4000 exhibits and describes e.g. the expedition of the deep sea submarine “Piszes”, you can make a stroll along the shore of Lake Baikal. In both directions there are well-trodden paths and there will always be time for a refreshing bath.

But you should not go too far away from the mooring, because there is not too much time until the boat returns to the main land. One should really stay there overnight - only then one has the possibility to perceive an alomost unbelievable and impressive sky full of stars. And by the way, you can just lie down on the shore in your sleeping bag.

If you have some time to spare, you could climb Skriper Mountain, from where you have a fantastic view over Lake Baikal.


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30 Jan 2006

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