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Trans-Siberian Railway

Quite often, Russia and Siberia are thought of in connection with the Trans-Siberian Railway. For many people it is a dream to get the chance to travel in the longest train of the world and in doing so to circle about a quarter of the globe on rails. It doesn't have to remain a dream only, and it is a very good way to start a trip to Siberia. The myth that is often ascribed to the "Transsib" has its entitlement, and despite our modern times, this train provides you with a glance back into the great times of discoveries and conquests of the endless vastness of Russia. Here, you can sit back and watch through your compartment window a fast motion show of what Cossacks, stagecoach drivers, and construction workers of the Tsar saw when they crossed the swamps to Siberia and laid the foundation stone for one of the most impressive achievements in engineering history. And after a few hours' ride, you will have adopted the rhythm of the train; you will forget about time; and you will be captivated by the landscapes passing by, the large Siberian rivers, the Taiga, the Baikal, and the steppes; and like in fast motion, the days of your journey will fly by and you will be sad to have to leave this twinkling green bond of rolling homelands so soon again.


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