about 15 –20 minutes west of Arshan founded by Buddhist lamas in 1991 following monastery of the Chandagataiski Monastery which was closed in 1927 several monks live and work in the monastery today can be recommended only for day trips in summer since the days in winter are too short hikers will pass many waterfalls panoramic view over the Kitoi Valley and the Sayan Mountains duration of ascent without backpack – about 6 hours several small extinct volcanoes near Arshan Chrai-Chobok can best be reached hot steem can still be seen coming from the chinks in the rocks near Tunka, 4 km west of the village of Shemtung well-known spring of the Tunka Valley enjoys great popularity in summer can best be reached by cross-country vehicle 10 km along the river Charagun from the village of Okhor-Sibir 9 cold mineral springs no accommodation, new holiday home is being planned situated near Kyren famous for the healing power of the radon springs Buddhist temple and holy hill of Chairchan 4 km upstream Chairchan is reserved to believers; no admittance for nonbelievers


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Other interesting Places of the Tunka Valley

Monastery of Choimorsk

Arshan Pass (1954 m)


Thermal Springs of Shemtung




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