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Regional Characteristics

The first chapters of a travellers guide normally include geography, history and climate of the country, highlights that you have to see and do as well as characteristics of its inhabitants. You will get answers on questions like: What kind of country is it that I want to visit, what will I have to face, whereupon may I look forward to and how do I need to prepare myself? One consumes several guides weeks before actually planning, others start reading when travelling on bord of the transib or when lying in the tent on a rainy day. Since our primary aim is to provide the user with information that are hard to find elsewhere, this part will fill slowly, but (hopefully) steadily and will probably never be complete. Further it will reflect rather subjective experiences. That’s because we do not want to replace the classical travel guide, but supplement it. In that manner this part is firstly a pool with additional information which may not directly help you with planning your trip, but may give you one or the other hint and take you a step closer to this beautiful country.


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