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Ulan Ude – Capital of the Buryat Republic

Ulan Ude is situated exactly 330 km in the south-east of Irkutsk and can easily be reached by car as well as by public transport or by train. For about 350 Roubles, you can also take a marshrutka, one of the lengendary Russian taxis (micro busses), to reach the city. Ulan Ude is located at the shores of the river Uda, one of the branches of the Selenga. Despite its 360,000 habitants, the city is a place which invites its guests to stay. Elderly gentlemen playing chess or Nine Men's Morris in the small parks, streets, lined with arcades, sidewalk cafes in ul. Kirova and the side streets of ul. Lenina – all this gives the city centre an almost Mediterranean flair. Besides some Soviet monuments, such as the world's greatest bust of Lenin at Sovetskaya Square near the station, nothing reminds of bygone times. The square itself is lined with government buildings and other historic sites like the Buryat National Opera and Theatre.

Ulan Ude also is an ideal starting point for expeditions towards Ust Bargusin, the Zabaikalsky National Park, or Syjatoi Nos. It is most likely that either at the bus station or in the city centre you will find a marshrutka that will take you to your destination for a price of about 330 Roubles. In general, it is advisable not to trust the mobile phone network. It still happens that providers will not have access to the Russian network. Usually, you're better off with using a public Internet access which can be found at the post office at Square Sovetskaya/ul. Lenina or in ul. Suche Batora.


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