5 km north of Baikalskoe in the middle of a pinewood beautiful sandy beaches plenty of fish hikes along the shores of Lake Baikal from Baikalskoe 70 km south of Severobaikalsk sanatorium of the building constructor Bamtonnelstroi simple outside pool for visitors popular tour from Cape Kotelnikov to Mount Tsherskovo above Cholodnoye at the Akukan river gallery was flooded remains of the buildings are overgrown 92 km east of Severobaikalsk near the BAM-route in the middle of a forest comfortable guest house and nice outside pool the North-Muya Tunnel, the most complicated tunnel of the BAM-route, is located between the villages surrounded by high mountains Tonnelny has been resettled situated 12 km north of Khakussy due to the cold climate of the bay, pines and reindeer lichen can be found there resting place of the Baikal seals can be destination for hikers path along the shore is crossed by streams employees of the station will ferry across the river when asked you will need a permission of the forestry office trails are not marked yet the shore varies from flat and sandy to steep coasts and deep river valleys crossing the river is quite adventurous due to the rapid currents


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What to see - north of Lake Baikal

Mica Lakes

Kotelnikov Thermal Spring

Climbing Mount Tsherskovo

Mica Mine

Dselinda Thermal Spring

The Villages of Tonnelny and Severomuisk

Ayaya Bay

Meteorological Station of Tompa

Hiking along the Northern Shore


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