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Where to stay - Sandy bay

Unfortunately it's already some time ago since we have been to Peschanaja Bay. Camping is of course the easiest and cheapest way - just spreading out the sleeping bag and enjoying the beautiful night sky. There are also some cottages for rent, available with sauna and toilets or shared rooms. Those are completely occupied by russians in summer which gives this guest house the charm of an old plant holiday place.

Baikal Dune

The holiday village consists of some cottages with 1,2 or 3-bed rooms with shower, toilet and filament heating. It is situated in the bay of Akademitscheskaja between cape Maloe Kolokolni and the Jandarm rock.


This shanty town is quite big and offers enough space for a total of 250 guests including full board. Shower and toilets are shared. Fee: from 550 Rubel


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