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Places to stay - Listvyanka

low budget

As in many Siberian villages every owner of a house is a potential landlord. The best way to find out about this sort of accommodation is to ask at the market. There are also quite a few "official" places to stay in Listvyanka both low budget and expensive accommodation and every year new places establish here.

Hotel Priboi 664520 Irkutsk Oblast, Listvyanka, Uliza Gorkogo This hotel is situated directly in the centre of Listvianka, just a few metres from the bus stop and the market, and it has the charm of a "socialist style" concrete building. I has a small grocery shop and a restaurant in the ground floor and the hotel rooms are in the first floor. There is also a very spacious lobby in the first floor with a small bar and a lovely view at Lake Baikal. It seems as if time has stopped here ten years ago. The room interiors are designed quite individually, however, in all the double bed rooms there is merely an extendable couch for sleeping. Anyway, the staff have obviously gone with the time and are very friendly. Rooms and Prices: - two "suites" for 4 persons with view at Lake Baikal and a small bathroom with shower and WC: 1.300 Rbl. - two rooms with shower and WC: 1.100 Rbl. - two dormitories for 8 or 9 persons respectively, common shower and bathroom on the corridor costs: 200 Rbl. pP Phone: 03952- 112393 or 112525 season: May -September open every time of the year

Youth House of the ministry of the interior (Dietskaya excursionno-turistitsheskaya baza)664520 Irkutsk Oblast, Listvyanka, Uliza Gorkogo 113The Youth House is situated a bit closer to Lake Baikal than the Priboi Hotel and it is more popular among hikers and people who like trekking and, therefore, a good place to meet fellow travellers. In the green coloured main building with its typically Russian flair you find the reception, cooking facilities and several dormitories with up to 18 beds per room. The toilets are situated outside of the building and for washing you'll only find the traditional "Russian Sinks". However, a new part - all constructed in wood - has been added to the house here travellers can stay in lovely furnished rooms. There is a central bathroom and WC. The construction of showers is planned for the year 2003. Valeri Rubaniok, who is running the place, was serving in Berlin during his time in the army and thus speaks a little German. Rooms: Main Building: - one 3-bed room from 90 Rbl. pP - two 2-bed rooms from 90 Rbl.pP - one Single bed room: 100 Rbl. pP - dormitories with 15 and 18 beds: 70 Rbl. pP New Building at the back: - three 4-bed rooms: 150 Rbl. pP - one 2-bed room: 150 Rbl.pP Phone: ++7-3952-112369 season: May - September open all times of the year


Hotel Mayak The 3-star-hotel Mayak somehow impresses by its 7 floors, 66 rooms and its extraordinary architecture. It`s the biggest hotel next to Lake Baykal and is considered as best hotel directly at the lake. However, the prices are quite high, too. Adress: ul. Gorkogo 85 A Listvyanka Service: - conference-room - sauna, banja, billiard - restaurant, bar, cafe - laundry Prices: Single room: 4375-5375 roubles Double room: 5000-6125 roubles Studio (2 persons): 6875-8625 roubles Penthouse (2 persons): 14875 roubles Appartements (2 persons): 14875 roubles Breakfast included.

Hotel Gavan New hotel from 2011, situated in a wooden building. Only 6 rooms are for rent (double rooms only, all with toilet and shower). Adress: ul. Gudina 84 Listvyanka Prices: Double room: 2300 roubles Braekfast included.

Hotel Baykalica Simple Hotel, which offers accomodation for up to 24 guets during the winter time. In summer additional places are available in the attic. Camping is also allowed on the territory of the hotel and all campers can use the summer kitchen. Adress: Krestovaja Pad ul. Sudzilovskogo 22 Listvyanka Prices: Double room standard: 1400 roubles 3-bed-room standard: 2100 roubles 4-bed-room economy: 2000 roubles Double room higher comfort: 1800 roubles Studio (2 persons): 1800 roubles Prices without breakfast. Extra beds are available for 700 roubles/day.

Hotel Arabesca The hotel Arabesca is situated next to the former Intourist-hotel Baykal and offers 15 rooms, a conference-room and a souvenir-shop. Adress: ul. Akademitscheskaya 15 Listvyanka Prices: Single room: 1600 roubles Double room standard: 1950 roubles 3-bed-room standard: 2700 roubles Double room higher comfort: 2400 roubles 3-bed-room higher comfort: 2900 roubles No breakfast included. Extra beds are available for 600 roubles/day.

Hotel Nataly The guests are accomodated in one of 14 rooms, which are for rent in two wooden houses. On the court there are some seats and a barbecue. Adress: ul. Tshapaeva 91 Listvyanka Prices: Double room standard: 2300 roubles Double room category A: 2500 roubles 3-bed-room: 4600 roubles Breakfast included. Extra beds can be ordered for 700 roubles/day.

Hotel Sinilga One more hotel in a wooden building which offers 2-, 3- and 4-bed-rooms for up to 20 guests. There is even an own swimming-pool. Adress: ul. Tshapaeva 91 Listvyanka Prices (per person): from 1000 roubles

Hotel-complex ERSI Simple holiday-complex with 2 buildings and 10 rooms. Up to 28 guests can be accomodated. The hotel has an own souvenis shop. Various sport equipment can be rent. Adress: ul. Tshapaeva 65 Listvyanka Prices: Doube room: 1500 roubles Family room (4 persons): 5000 roubles Luxury (2 persons): 3000 roubles Breakfast is included.

Hotel Legenda Baykal The hotel opened in 2006 and is situated just opposite the famous Shaman rock in the Angara river. The hotel offers 37 luxuries rooms and suites which represent a new standard at Lake Baikal. All rooms have aircondition ands most of them are with seaside balcony. Service: - Fish restaurant - Sauna, Swimming pool, Billiard - Summer terrasse Prices (low-/high season): Single room standard : 3700 roubles Double room standard: 4700 roubles Double room higher comfort: 5400 roubles Studio (2 persons): 6700 roubles Luxury (2 persons): 8000 roubles Appartements (2 persons): 9800 roubles Breakfast included. Booking: Phone/Fax: +7 (3952) 112-191 eMail:

Hotel Flagman Nikola Small hotel complex in the little village of Nikola close to Listvyanka with 11 nice rooms and cottages. Service: - Restaurant - Banya Prices: Double room: 2500 roubles Luxury (2 persons): 5000 roubles No breakfast included. 2 extra beds per room can be ordered for 500 roubles per bed and day. Booking: Baikalvisa Association Phone: +7 3952 550-464 eMail:

Hotel Anastassya Nikola ul. Angarskaya 8 The hotel in the small village Nikola not far away from Listvjanka was renovated in 2011. In consists of 3 buidings with 17 rooms and offers accomodation in different categories. Even a president`s suite can be ordered. Service: - Restaurant - Banya Prices: Single room: 4800 roubles Double room category A: 5900 roubles Double room category B: 6400 roubles Double room catgory C: 6900 roubles Studio (2 persons): 10600 roubles Luxury (2 persons): 12800 roubles President`s suite: 22000 roubles Booking: Phone/Fax: +7 (3952) 112-191 eMail:

Hotel Krestowaya Pad ul. Gornaya 14 A Listvyanka The small hotel opened in 2005 and offers a few double rooms as well as some large cottages. Service: - Restaurant and Cafe - Sauna, Billiard - summer terrasse Prices (in the hotel building double rooms only): Double room standard: 3600-4000 roubles Studio with balcony: 4400-5000 roubles Studio with balcony and view onto the lake: 5000 roubles Half luxury: 5500 roubles Luxury with view onto the lake: 6000 roubles Cottage 1 (8 persons): 38000 roubles Cottage 2 (10 persons): 32 000 roubles Breakfast included. Extra beds cost 500 roubles per day. Bokking: Baikalvisa Association Phone: +7 3952 550-464 eMail:

Hotel Baykal 664520 Irkutsk Oblast, Listvyanka Situated a bit outside the centre of Listvyanka on the top of a hill with great views on Lake Baikal and the Angara river. Formerly it was the first Intourist hotel with three star comfort on Lake Baikal and it is still popular for tourist travelling in groups. Nevertheless some reconstruction work would be a good idea. 57 rooms with shower and WC Prices: Single room: 2000 roubles Double room: 2150-2350 roubles Double room higher comfort: 3060-3400 roubles Luxury (3 persons maximum): 4150 roubles Breakfast included. Extra beds cost 850 roubles per day. Service: - There are several bars like Shaman Kamen and Russkaya Chainaya and restaurants, e.g. Omuliovaya Bochka as well as - a sauna, a pool, beauty salon and a souvenir shop. phone: ++7-3952-290391 or 290392 season: May - September open all times of the year

Hotel Baykalskye Terema ul. Gornaya 16 Listvyanka This rustic hotel, completely built of wood, consists of 2 buildings with 17 rooms and is situated directly in the centre of Listvianka. It has been renovated only recently. Good critics on the web. Prices: Single room economy: 2300 roubles Single room standard: 2800 roubles Single room higher comfort: 3800 roubles Double room economy: 2500 roubles Double room standard: 3000 roubles Double room higher comfort: 4000 roubles Breakfast included. Extra beds can be ordered for 700 roubles/day. There is also a spacious lobby with fire place, a Russian "Banya" (steam sauna) and a restaurant. Phone: ++7-3952-290391 oder 290392 season: May - September open all times of the year

Hotel Nikola

Adress: Irkutsk, pos. Nikola Phone: 03952-112-212 eMail: Homepage: Small family hotel a little bit outside (in the small village Nikola) with only 8 beds and a big guest room with chimney and bar. Prices: from 40 Us-Dollar (4 meals included)


Chalet Zolotaya Sova Adress: ul. Kulikova 108 B Listvyanka Wooden building on the edge of Listvjanka. The building`s design was made by the owner. Accomodation in 2 double rooms or in the VIP-room. Prices: Double room: 4000 roubles VIP-room: 4800 roubles

Family hotel Derevenka Adress: ul. Gornaya 1 Listvyanka In fact this is not a hotel, but a holiday camp consisting of 7 separate wooden houses (with toilet) for 2, 4 or 7 persons. The buildings are named after the 7 winds of Lake Baykal. Prices: Single accomodation: 2000 roubles Wooden building for 2 people: 3000 roubles Breakfast is included.

Hotel U ozera Adress: ul. Suvorova 4 Listvyanka Small hotel with 9 double rooms (category half-luxury) and separate wooden houses (category luxury). Preise: Double room half-luxury: 3000 roubles Wooden building (2 persons): 3500 roubles Breakfast included. Extra beds cost 400 roubles/day.

Guesthouse Devjatyj Val Adress: ul. Tshapaeva 24 Listvyanka The guesthouse consists of 2 buildings with 12 rooms altogether (all with toilet and shower). Prices: Double room half-luxury: 2000 roubles Double room luxury: 2450 roubles VIP-room: 4445 roubles Breakfast included. Extra beds can be ordered for 1000 roubles/day.

Gousthouse Tshaika Jonathan Adress: ul. Partizanskaya 14 A Listvyanka This guesthouse also consists of 2 buildings. Up to 16 guests can be accomodated in one of the 8 rooms. They can use seats, a barbecue and the summer shower on the court. There is one washroom on the first floor. Cooking is allowed in the kitchen. Prices: Double room category A: 1600 roubles Double room: 2200 roubles Priceswithout breakfast. Extra beds cost 1000 roubles/day.

Camping-hotel Proshlyj Vek Adress: ul. Kulikova 102 A Listvyanka Small hotel with 10 double rooms which are available in separate wooden houses. Prices: Single room: 2000 roubles Double room: 2300 roubles Breakfast is included.

Baikal-Chalet Listvyanka Adress: ul. Gudina 75 Listvyanka Big wooden house with 13 rooms (all with toilet and shower) and own souvenir-shop. Prices: Single room: 1800 roubles Double room: 2200 roubles Breakfast included.

Apart from that, companies like "Vivat Baikal" (Phone: 03952-334746) act as agencies for private accommodation. Prices lay between 20 and 25 €/USD.


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