A trip to Listvyanka is the fastest and most comfortable way to visit Lake Baikal. The place has developed into a tourist magnet. New hotels or cottages have sprung up like mushrooms everywhere. Listvyanka is worth a trip if you want to combine it with eating smoked fish or a visit to the Limnologic Museum, or even if you want to ferry to Port Baikal. Listvyanka stretches a couple of miles along the Angara and Lake Baikal. Therefore it is necessary to plan ahead, if you want to visit the Limnologic Museum, situated at one end of the town, or if you want to take a walk along the banks of Lake Baikal, which is best to do at the other end of the town.

Bus and ferry go several times daily; marshrutkas go more often according to requirements (about 100 Rbl.)

For more information see Listvyanka chapter


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30 Jan 2006

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