Russian climbing classification

1b - describes a longer way up to the peak which can lead over ridges, respective gorges.

2a - like 1b but with some spots to climb and maybe with passages that make rope safeguarding necessary

2b - technically more sophisticated with spots to climb and rope safeguarding

3a - many spots to climb, requires basic climbing- and rope-techniques

3b - is the beginning of technical climbing, you should be able to apply rope safeguarding techniques

4a - requires comprehensive climbing-, safeguarding- and jump-techniques

4b - sophisticated passages to climb on great walls, snowfields or smaller icefields

5a - very sophisticated passages to climb with difficult ridges or towers, vertical walls, respective slight overhangs, partly with icepassages

5b - requires comprehensive knowledge and experiences in all areas

6 - is designated as "International" in Russia and is virtually 5b combinated with extreme heights


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30 Jan 2006

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