Eating like at mommy's - Ulitza Marata 23
Hidden in a small framehouse on Ulitza Marata there's the skimpiest restaurant of Irkutsk. No sign indicates that you can eat the most delicious Pierogi, the nuttiest Bortsch and the whole other delectabilities of Russian cuisine in there.
Sehr preiswert!!!!
Open Mo - Fr from 11:00am till 2:30pm

Kafe-Klub Nerpenok
Ulitza Karla Marxa (??)

very cheap and with typical Russian "plastic atmosphere" not suitable for the sophisticated customer but alright for a beer or some Pelmeni. Very nice, friendly staff with broken English;
Pelmeni starting at 30.- Rbl.
Cold appetizers and salad 10 - 40.- Rbl.
Main Dishes (cutlet, shashlik, chicken) 25 - 60.- Rbl.
Coffee 10.- Rbl.
Tea 6,50.- Rbl.

Pivnoi Bar "I Schveika"
Ulitza Karla Marxa 34

rustic beer cellar with cosy, typical Bohemian atmosphere and Pilsner Urquell
wide range; rather high prices; menu in Russian; beer is served together with yummy diced bread;
Soljanka 73 Rbl.
Pelmeni starting at 30.- Rbl.
Salad 40 - 160.- Rbl.
Main Dishes 50 - 200.- Rbl.
Pilsner Urquell 0,3l 21.- Rbl. / 0,5l 35.- Rbl.
Tea 6,50.- Rbl.

Tet a Tet bar
Ulitza Karla Marxa 26, upstairs and then to the left

posh, elegant bar with Russian atmosphere; playful arrangement with lamps, glass tables, etc.; not recommended for those in a rush or who are rather stingy, but perfect for epicures; very friendly and considerate staff; wide range of beverages and dishes; rather high prices; 10% tip
Cappuccino 64.- Rbl.
Espresso 56.- Rbl.
Tea (a full can) 26.- Rbl.
Cognac 80-450.- Rbl.
Cocktails 100-200.- Rbl.
in addition: cigars, wine, ice cream, snacks, and full meals

Sibirskoje Bistro
Ulitza Karla Marxa

modern atmosphere; large windows looking at Karla Marxa, music television for background noise
wide range of salads, small portions, unemotional staff, menu in English and Russian;
Soljanka 40,- Rbl.
Pelmeni 36 Rbl.
Salad 40 Rbl.
Tea 8 Rbl.
Juice 14 Rbl.
in addition: pie and cakes, as well, as regular dishes

Temp Bistro
Ulitza Lenina 25

Snack-bar in cafeteria style; very cheap; wooden interior decoration and half-light; very yummy Pirogi; Muckefuck (thin coffee) with excellent quality; salad from the can; also candy and warm dishes;

Solotaja Oszen
Ulitza Karla Marxa

Snack-bar with cafe-like atmosphere but full menu; Russian style with marble walls and brass ceiling;
cheap; not really comfortable but alright for a short stay; very tasty food; coffee ... well ... not that good; menu in Russian and English; (Russian) staff will serve you even though the Russians pay at the bar; no bathrooms;
Soljanka 65.- Rbl.
Pelmeni 48.- Rbl.
Blini (hearty) 78.- Rbl.
Coffee 14.- Rbl.
Juice 15.- Rbl.
Fanta (soda) 27.- Rbl.
Beer (Baltika) 32,50.- Rbl.


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26 Jun 2006

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